Take Heart, Go Dotty For A Pound!

For less than the price of your coffee you can change the life of your friend, neighbour or loved one. 

With only £1 you can make a difference by taking part in our Largest Virtual Heart and help raise £1,000,000 that could fund a fleet of Heart Failure Nurses for the UK.

Why not have some fun, donate to a worthwhile cause and watch the heart turn red by clicking here.

As the pixels are sold the red area of the heart will increase until our goal of £1 million is reached.

Just click here and it will take you to the Largest Virtual Heart.

We started with a goal of £100,000 to support a Heart Failure Nurse for the area but with this initiative we should be able to provide a huge amount of funding for the British Heart Foundation to help the lives of many.

Please tell all your friends and let us see how quickly we can reach all our targets.

Thank you for your help.


About The British Heart Foundation 

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation’s heart charity, saving lives through pioneering research, patient care and vital information. They are totally committed to preventing people’s lives being devastated by heart disease.

For more information about the BHF see www.bhf.org 




We wish to thank all those companies and individuals who have supported the committee in achieving their goals for further information please see the Sponsors page